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Lenka could not stand it and giggled loudly. She could not talk to the players, she was not allowed. The inspector opens his mouth only in case of force majeure - either the croupier screwed up in the game, or the player is cheating, well, or a scandal, a fight, a murder, a tsunami. I glanced sideways at Lenka and smiled meaningfully, but I just handed out the cards to the majors for a new game. According to the rules of the casino, I am not allowed to support disputes. I, like a Swiss bank, observe complete neutrality and love everyone who brings money

- Twenty. Worth it? - I pointed to the lady with a ten and squeezed my lips so as not to laugh - very funny players. Ai-Petri will definitely fine me today for unprofessional playing. In his interpretation, this usually sounds very specific: “Don’t laugh when the money needs to be taken away.”



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