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An Integerative

Medical Centre 

At The Iron Suites, we employ the most appropriate interventions from a variety of scientific disciplinaries to heal illness & diseases and help people to regain and maintain optimal health.

Our Expertise

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At The Iron Suites, we believe in preventive care, fostering the development of healthy behavior and effective self care that will enhance individual's well being and optimise their health.

Medical Articles

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Our Focus

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Iron Deficiency & Nutritional Health

Understanding your nutritional health status and addressing nutritional deficiencies is the start of elevating your personal journey to wellness.

Mother and Baby

Mum & Baby Health

Looking after your nutritional profile and overall health, pre- & postnatally and the beginning of your mothering and lactation journey to enhance mums and babies health.

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Be beautiful inside and out. We offer diverse aesthetic services from traditional services such as botulinum toxin and fillers to cutting-edge procedures such a vaginal lasering helping collagen production.


Complementary Medicine

Lifestyle, nutrition and movement are  some of the key components to a healthier, longer life. Our practitioners include naturopaths, dietitans and osteopaths.

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